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Grieving & project teams

I am writing this entry two weeks after my older brother, Keith, died. I am finding my ability to focus is diminished, my task completion rate has plummeted and my range of creativity has reduced. And these things happen to … Continue reading

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Trust = …?

Trust. Those five letters portend either a positive or negative experience — in family life, romantic relationships, business deals, and projects. On the PMP exam, trust is a frequent concept. Trust is not a “touchy-feely” thing on the exam (or … Continue reading

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HR Essentials, 1 of 4 (HR Plan)

Essential facts re HR for the PMP exam: HR Plan – describes the competencies needed and project position descriptions so resources can be matched to the work required of the project – number and timing of those skills (displayed in … Continue reading

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A job well done

I am at Logan airport, returning from a four-day PMP class I delivered at Boston’s Lenox Hotel in the Back Bay. I feel amazing! The feeling, I realize, is not from what I did but from the surroundings I was … Continue reading

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Can your team reach you?

WordPress has a publish-via-email feature that is very easy to enable,  just the click of a button and they generate a unique email ID for you to send your posts to.  Easy as pie, right?  Well, for me, it isn’t … Continue reading

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