You are great — why we believe YRG is the right coach for you


Working with a coach should be delightful. Here are five reasons why being coached by the Young Resource Group is different and may be the right fit for you:
  1. We recognize, honor and leverage spirituality. This is not religion. Our parents taught us to avoid discussing two things – religion and politics. We believe that each person brings to work the sum total of their faith, desires, hopes and passions and we are influenced by factors we can’t quite put into words. It’s often a gut feeing that points us towards life’s most rewarding experiences. And we often just know. This is what we mean by spirit.
  2. We believe that each person was put on this earth for a specific, unique purpose. Rare is the person that has discovered their own life purpose, but, oh, those people shine, don’t they? We want that glow, that energy, that love of life for you. What’s YOUR life purpose? We help you find it, articulate it, believe, and shape your choices and actions around your life purpose. It’s a powerful gift and it’s right there for you to discover and leverage.
  3. We believe you have the answers within you. When we tell a person something, we give them advice, for instance, it’s of limited value, often worthless. Rarely do they follow through. And if our advice fails to give them what they want, who is at fault, in their minds? Even if the advice works, we are building a dependency. They need us. The things they discover for themselves, however, are precious, beyond value. These discoveries are the fuel of transformation.
  4. We coach for a fixed time period. Individual coaching is usually complete within 5 months. Team coaching is one year. Beyond that time period, we know counterproductive dependencies develop. We encourage you to be wary of coaching relationships without a defined time period. If you are considering a coach, ask them, “how long is this going to take?” If their answer is ambiguous, beware. One recent coaching article listed the absence of a long-term client view as a short-coming of the International Coaching Federation core competencies. We see this as a strength of the ICF competencies. An effective coach should help the the client become aware of their own methods of being successful. Together with the coach, the client records, reviews and refines their own, unique strategies for living their life according to their own, unique purpose. When the relationship is viewed as temporary both parties are empowered to serve on larger scales beyond the client-coach relationship.
  5. Measures of growth, learning and results are built into our processes. We are authorized to use the tools and techniques of the Success Unlimited Network. It is amazing to see the looks of awe on the faces of coaches using  other systems when they see how methodically and transparently our methods capture, reinforce and leverage client learning and awareness. If you have time to compare the methods of several coaching approaches, we welcome your comments about what works best for you. Hundreds of clients and coaching competitors have said the SUN approach gives them so much more — fulfillment, awareness, documentation, return, joy, laughter, honesty, trust, confidence, power, direction — the things you may be looking for, too. Perhaps?

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