PM “parade of stars”

Looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of your project management team? A simple technique I’ve used to help organizations bust silos, increase collaboration and decrease learning curves is what I call the project management “parade of stars.”
Believe it or not, that title sells itself in some circles. It’s a quick meet and greet where each person describes their role in projects, what they need from the project managers, and a word of advice..
People at a telecomm company who held their own project management parade of stars invited:
  1. their project management office team, who shared templates the project managers could use and any mandatory reviews before, during and after the project
  2. their finance director who had several large infrastructure projects underway, shared how to request capital expenditures, types of costs the project managers should be aware of and how they might link up parts of the project to capitalized accounts or operating expense accounts
  3. product managers who were responsible for the projects executed under their product umbrella, shared how they like to receive reports about progress so they can forecast resources impacts (delays, cost over-runs) on their product lines
  4. a procurement manager who offered advice on writing a solid SOW and how much time project managers should factor into their schedules for contract negotiations depending on the complexity of the SOW — they showed examples of the very easy (a few hours) to very complex (a few months due to the number of sign-offs and terms)
  5. a member of their legal team who shared a few war stories of poorly constructed contracts causing headaches. The situations were purely hypothetical, of course.
A defense contracting company emphasized allowable and unallowable expenses and how those could be identified early in the project and monitored according to federal regulations.
An aerospace company focused on a new technology and critical contract that the project managers needed the synch their work efforts with, otherwise they would incur penalties.
The project management parade of stars can be delivered during the lunch break as a lunch and learn so people have an established network of people they need to work with outside of class. The organization benefits by having collaboration opportunities built into the session, increasing their return on their human capital investment.
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