Design of Experiments

I love to cook. I am not always successful in turning out tasty dishes, however.

When I first learned about spices my modus operandi was to use a little bit of EVERY spice in the meal. The end result … a dog’s breakfast. I ended up wasting a lot of time, money and the patience of my family in the process.

Had I known about Design of Experiments, however; my learning curve may have been steeper (which is a good thing). Design of Experiments is a technique (used in the Plan Quality process) to combine project variables in groups and systematically change those variables until the desired outcome, a “blueprint” for the project emerges. That is the gist of what you need for the PMP exam.

For those of you looking beyond the exam and considering what Design of Experiments can do, consider it a discipline worthy of study if you are going into high-tech fields. As proof, several of my past students, members of the military working on weapons systems, described their experience working with Design of Experiments and how they were excited about transitioning into civilian life as several consulting companies were courting them to come and teach Design of Experiments to their clients.

Food for thought?

If any statisticians out there are familiar with and would like to discuss Design of Experiments, we welcome your comments.

As always, You Are Great!


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2 Responses to Design of Experiments

  1. PM Hut says:

    Do you have some good resources you can recommend about “Design of Experiments”?
    I have searched PM Hut for an article about it, and there were only a few, which only mentioned the concept, here’s one of them. Still, if you can point me to some good resources or maybe discuss the concept yourself in a post (and probably I will later republish that post on PM Hut, with your permission, so that PM Hut readers will know about the concept).

    • pmpcoach says:

      Hi, I apologize for the delayed responses. You might find this DOE text for quality extensive, but helpful, especially if you are looking to implement DOE on complex projects:

      World Class Quality: Using Design of Experiments to Make It Happen. Keki Bhote,Adi Bhote (2004)

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