Trust = …?


Those five letters portend either a positive or negative experience — in family life, romantic relationships, business deals, and projects.

On the PMP exam, trust is a frequent concept. Trust is not a “touchy-feely” thing on the exam (or in life). Trust is transactional. Trust is built over time. Make a promise, deliver on that promise and your build trust. Fail to deliver and you erode trust. Simple as that?

How might trust be a theme on the PMP exam?

Project managers are expected to be proactive, to consider the needs / expectations of stakeholders and to take action prior to problems getting unmanageable.

Team-building: The PMBOK Guide describes team-building as an on-going activity intended to develop and maintain trust and cohesion among team members.

Transparency: Transparency of communications. Presenting accurate information about project progress and results even in when someone encourages you to alter the data so the customer or project sponsor are “more comfortable.”

Full-disclosure: Presenting all the data so a customer can make informed decisions, such as
Life Cycle Costing data, even when this additional data be to the short-term detriment of the performing organization. In other words, if the customer knows the full financial picture of the project deliverable they may decide not to do your project. You, the project manager (and your company), will not get the work.

Non-discrimination: The PMI Code of Ethics stipulates that those associated with the Project Management Institute (credential holders, members and volunteers, all) will assign work to those that are the most qualified for those positions. As PMP credential-holders we are obligated to fulfill this requirement once people join our teams. In a broader sense, if a project operates in an environment in which discrimination is culturally acceptable, the PMI Ethics Code encourages us to educate local leaders on the goal of non-discrimination.

Those are just a few examples. I would welcome your thoughts on other ways
of building trust.

You are great!


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