The Big Change is Afoot!

Big change — aarrrgh, right?

Many people are rushing to take the PMP exam prior to the 8/31/11 change-over. Popular sentiment is the “new” exam will be much harder than the current version, which is why there is the rush to beat the deadline.

But is the anxiety warranted?

Hmmm, the exam itself is not changing substantially. The biggest detriment to taking the exam on or after 8/31/11 is delayed gratification — exam results will be emailed 6 – 8 weeks after you take the exam. This is a temporary change. PMI expects to have immediate scoring available in November.

My advice for those studying for the PMP exam is to use your practice exams as your guide. If you are scoring consistently in the 80’s on new questions, take the exam. Don’t let the exam change-over date dictate when you test. Run your race.

You are great!


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