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Design of Experiments

I love to cook. I am not always successful in turning out tasty dishes, however. When I first learned about spices my modus operandi was to use a little bit of EVERY spice in the meal. The end result … … Continue reading

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Vendor Bid Analysis vs. Contracts

An easy-to-overlook technique of Estimating Costs is called Vendor Bid Analysis. It is simply considering the costs (via quotes, bids, proposals, etc) being offered for project work. Once the contracts for that work are finalized, the contract figures are used … Continue reading

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Exam mega-themes

A quick, solid foundation for scoring well on both the PMP and CAPM exams is to rehearse these over-arching mega-themes: The project manager protects the project by: acting proactively – influencing the factors that would have a negative (or positive) … Continue reading

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Trust = …?

Trust. Those five letters portend either a positive or negative experience — in family life, romantic relationships, business deals, and projects. On the PMP exam, trust is a frequent concept. Trust is not a “touchy-feely” thing on the exam (or … Continue reading

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The Big Change is Afoot!

Big change — aarrrgh, right? Many people are rushing to take the PMP exam prior to the 8/31/11 change-over. Popular sentiment is the “new” exam will be much harder than the current version, which is why there is the rush … Continue reading

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