PMP® Exam change in Aug 2011

The PMP® Exam is going to change substantially on August 1st, 2011.  The Project Management Institute states that 30% of the exam content is going to be updated to reflect their 2010 study of what project managers actually do on the job.  This study, the Role Delineation Study (RDS), is a global survey of thousands of project managers.  The content of the PMP® exam will matched to the tasks identified in the RDS.  Another big exam change is that one of the current six content categories, Professional and Social Responsibility, will be integrated into the five process groups:

  1. Initiating the project
  2. Planning the project
  3. Executing the project
  4. Controlling the project
  5. Closing the project

If you are studying for your PMP® exam, expect large crowds at the testing facility (and within exam prep courses) in the weeks just prior to the change.  Hot July …

You are great!


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