Applying to sit for the PMP® exam


If you’ve found this post, then you need no convincing that taking the PMP® exam is worth your time, so I’ll save the spiel.

First, you must complete and application to sit for the exam at the Project Management Institute website,  It behooves you, financially and otherwise, to become a member of PMI prior to applying.  Simply call the good folks at PMI and they will process your membership application, pronto.

The requirements are simple.  You have to have work experience and training.

Work Experience, within the past 8 years:

  • (With a 4-year degree):  4500 hours of experience leading projects, accrued over at least a 36-month period, or
  • (With a high-school diploma or equivalency degree): 7500 hours of project experience, accrued over at least a 60-month period

Training in project management:  35 contact hours

The sooner you get this hurdle behind you, the better.  If you like, I can toss out some suggestions on how to organize your data prior to wrestling with the online application.  If you are ready to roll now, take a look at my post, “PMP App:  Work Experience, Suggestions.”



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