Endeavouring to give ‘er another try

As 2010 draws to a close I find myself making the obligatory list of things I will “improve on” in the coming year.  Weight / exercise (check).  Diet (check).  Write Mom more often (check).  Financial planning (check).  Time with family (double-check).  Earned value management (hmmm …).  Risk management (uhhh …).  Communications planning (doh!)

Which brings me to my suffering blog.  Poor little thing got its first breath several months ago and I off and left it.  Well, I am committing to at least make a stab at having something to say in the coming year.  Mindful that I haven’t qualified what it is I am going to say.  Like many new bloggers I have found that in search of the profound I have opted to avoid writing anything.  That was then.  New year …

Let’s see it this pans out as fruitful.  Cheers and play safe.

You are great!


About Gordon Young

Need 10's of millions? Start here. Keynote speaker, coach and instructor. I help companies tap into the creativity and energy of their teams resulting in profit, engagement and well-being.
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