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In preparing for the PMP exam, you’ll hear differing opinions about memorizing all of the PMI framework Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Ouputs (ITTO).  Don’t be surprised if the acronym ITTO didn’t ring any bells for you – I got my PMP in 2005 and had forgotten all about it. 

What you do need to know is the overall sequence of events (page 43 of the PMBOK provides this).  True, there are about a dozen items on the exam specifically addressing ITTO but that is only 6% of the total.  OK, if you based the percentage on the 175 graded items, then the percentage sky-rockets to 7%.

If you’re a mental gymnast to whom memorization provides a welcome relief from daily life, then do memorize the ITTO.  Otherwise, focus on the other 93% of the exam.  Your working memory will thank you.  More on that later …


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